UCCAM Chat – March 2009

HEH! – I trust all is as it should be with you!!! The new year is well underway and the work of the church is moving to the time central to our faith – Easter! So many things to do and so little time to do them!

I have sent out a request for you to submit highlights of events at your place of worship. Having heard from no one, I ask again. I think others would like to hear what’s happening with you. This letter will find you at the start of Lent and the next won’t happen until after Easter celebrations SO, SEND ME A SHORT SYNOPSIS OF YOUR EXPLORATION OF ‘RESURRECTION’- whether personal or in your faith community!

Carol Zacharias



How can we change focus from the melody and harmony to the text? This is one of the biggest lessons for me. I’m all about rhythms, melody and harmony. That’s what feeds my soul. And in the last few years, it’s the words that roll around in my brain after Worship and/or in times when I can’t sleep (I’m surprised every time that happens). Choosing music for my Junior Choir that is ‘ just right’ for the theme of the day is the most challenging part of my work. My references may have suggestions but that does not guarantee that any of them will match the direction of the scriptures of the day. BUT, the work must go on, so I keep trying.

I use the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum a lot! In S of S Vol. 6, Roddy Hamilton wrote, “If more theology is learned in song than in sermon, and more people take part in singing than in praying, and we learn to sing the faith before we learn to live the gospel, then what is sung in one of the most important decisions for worship leaders”. Although that’s a most terrifying concept, they are words to live by.


There has been news on the horizon about CD’s for accompaniment of hymns in VU for churches that don’t have musicians to play. 2 are now available, both are from Proper Time and they are recorded in alphabetical order according to hymn tune, eg. Track 1 – Abbot’s Leigh – VU pgs. 104, 260, 443, 512. So immediately you see track 1 will cover 4 hymns. There are some from MV. They are played by Lydia Pedersen – she plays some on the organ but many on piano, such as best fits the music. They are $19 each plus S&H with around 20 hymns on each CD. Look for them at Book Displays from UCRD (Conference of MNWO ) to save you S&H costs.

AND – Bruce and Cheryl Harding are touring across country again. They start May 25th thro’ June 1st, then again June 6th thro’ June 22nd; and on their return through this area, August 17 to 31st, 2009. If you would like to have them come to your church, contact “Evensong Administration” <admin@evensong.ca>

“Evensong on Tour” <admin@evensong.ca> they would be glad to hear from you! If this doesn’t work, try their website. ALSO on the horizon is the accompaniment copy of MV. It is reported to be available in February. It sells for less than $40 and will be available at Conference.


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