Saint Luke’s United Church – Downtown Toronto requires a Music Director


The Music Director is a part-time position responsible for: in collaboration with the Worship Committee and the minister – selecting and playing appropriate music for Sunday and occasional services, e.g. Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, early morning Easter Service, Carol Service, and Christmas Eve; training and rehearsing with the choir; participating in meetings of the Worship, Praise and Music Committee; liaising with the Minister and Church Administrator/Office Volunteers regarding preparation of weekly or special bulletins, funeral services and wedding ceremonies; developing annual music budget for approval and purchasing music or other supplies; providing assistance and support to related congregational groups, such as the Hand chimes group.

The job consists of the following per week:

3-4  hours of keyboard practice per week (time of your choice)

1 hour of choir rehearsal prior to Sunday service

2 hours music leadership of Sunday service (service begins at 10:30 am)

1 hour meeting with Worship, Praise and Music Committee

Piano and Organ fluency

The Music Director is accountable to the Worship, Praise and Music Committee of the Official Board of Saint Luke’s for the establishment of annual goals, standards of performance and results achieved in conjunction with the assigned Liaison Member of the Ministry and Personnel Committee. This Liaison Member will monitor the relationship of the Music Director with other staff and the congregation and, any concerns of the Music Director related to the performance of assigned responsibilities.

An annual review of goals, responsibilities of position and performance will be conducted by the assigned M&P Liaison Member by July 31 of each year for the preceding period of July 1–June 30.

Duties and Responsibilities
Participating in the planning of Sunday and special services through:
-regular consultation with ministry personnel regarding worship focus, hymn selection and occasional participation of others in the performance of music in the worship service
-choosing anthems, offertories, preludes and postludes to enhance the worship service
-attending and actively participating in the meetings of the Worship, Praise and Music committee to make and coordinate future plans for services and discuss new initiatives or alternative approaches to worship, with a particular emphasis on all aspects of music in the worship service
-purchasing music for services, as required

Training and rehearsing with the choir, soloists or groups by:
-leading weekly rehearsals with choir members
-warming up with choir before services
-one-to-one work with individual members, soloists or sections of the choir

Providing leadership in music at all worship services including:
-attending services and arriving in advance to ensure preparation of those involved in the music
-accompanying congregational singing on the organ and piano
-accompanying and conducting the choir or other performers
-performing solos on organ or piano
-recommending and arranging, in conjunction with M&P Committee, for a replacement organist during vacation or other absence

Carrying out administrative duties related to the music program, such as:
-regular reporting to the Worship, Praise and Music Committee
-developing an annual budget for music, supplies, soloists, maintenance of instruments for the review and approval
-submitting invoices for payment in accordance with approved budget
-maintaining music in good condition and ensuring adherence to copyright and payment of required fees
-working in conjunction with the Church Administrator regarding care, maintenance, repair, security and use of church organ and pianos
-regular contacts with assigned Liaison Member of M&P

Personal Rehearsal and Development, including:
-regular practice
-pre-authorized training related to the position

Playing for funeral services and weddings:
-on a fee-for-service basis set annually by the board, on the recommendation of M&P.

Qualifications of Position

  1. Bachelor of Music or acceptable equivalent musical training
  2. Demonstrated related experience
  3. Knowledge of the Christian tradition and music and sensitivity to the liturgy of the United Church of Canada
  4. Ability to interact positively with a racially, ethnically and culturally diverse congregation
  5. Eligibility for Membership in the RCCO

Other terms and conditions of employment shall be as set out in the letter of offer and from time to time as established by the Official Board.




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