Rhythms of the Spirit event a huge success!

What happens when you combine an event in southern Alberta with beautiful spring weather, great theme presentations, meaningful worship, terrific food, lots of musicians, and a skilled planning team? A huge success!

Here are some comments from participants:

“Thanks to Rhythms of the Spirit’s organizers for breaking new ground in the musical ministry of our church. Trust was demanded amongst liturgists and musicians and speakers, and the result was a dynamism that broke lots of boundaries and set the stage for an amazing finale…also called the “Celebration of Ministry”.  Our United Church of Canada is a little bit groovier thanks to “Rhythms of the Spirit”.

Thanks for making Brian (Browne) and I part of the scene.”

Peter Woods

“Thank-you for such a super event! Very spiritual. Very faithful. Very healing. Very inspiring.”

Betty Lynn Schwab

“It was a good chance to be together with people you knew, and others you knew about, and some awesome talented strangers.

It was equally good to get some fresh perspectives on what each and all are all about.

Beyond that — it was a mad pace featuring things coming together just in time — which involved a lot of trust and a great deal of character….and in the end was great fun.

Congratulations everyone — I’m free for the next gathering!”

Ian Macdonald

…and further to that, and as a result of one of the workshops:

Biblical Drumming in Calgary !

Thanks to the wonderous movement of the Spirit and loving invitation of Susan Lukey, a new frame drumming group is forming in the Calgary area — one of the numerous exciting results of Rhythms Of The Spirit. Based on archeological discoveries and scholarly analysis, Layne Redmond has pioneered this form of drumming recovery beginning with the Glen Velez slide collection she catalogued for her teacher long ago.This frame drum was part of the birth of the Christian Church and of its earliest worship services. Yet, as that Church ascended into political and economic power, favouring male over female, the Church Fathers ruled regularly against it. The Inquisition finally silenced this drum and its female players. It has remained silent, banished from our sanctuaries until our day. Parkdale and Wild Rose United Churches, Calgary, High River United Church, and Ralph Connor Memorial United Church, Canmore are involved.

Any of those church leaders would welcome your call! Let the Pulse of the Spirit beat within you and your congregation!

Betty Lynn Schwab

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