Pickering Village United Church, Ajax, ON, seeking Music Director

Pickering Village United Church (PVUC) in Ajax, ON is seeking a music director to lead a well-rounded music program with traditional and contemporary styles. Music is an integral part of our congregation which has talented musicians and a vibrant 20-member choir.  Our worship typically features traditional organ and choir music often supplemented by piano, guitar and other instruments. The successful candidate will provide musical leadership, choir direction and accompaniment during worship.  PVUC has a Yamaha grand piano and a Johannus three-manual digital organ (Rembrandt 377 model) with 47 stops and a full pedal board (built c.2011). We seek an individual who is not only gifted musically but is personable and welcoming. This part-time contract position has negotiable compensation dependent on qualifications and experience. The position requires approximately 6-8 hours a week. More information is available at www.pvuc.ca.  Please send your resume to pvuc300@gmail.com by September 15, 2017.

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