How do I embed a video in my post?

Videos are generally too big for us to host here on our server, so we ask that you “embed” your video.  This means you’ll not be uploading it, but will rather be inserting the YouTube-hosted copy of the video for viewing within your own post.

  1. Find your video on YouTube and copy the address or URL—it’ll look something like this: Easiest just to copy it from the address bar of your browser.
  2. Click on the [YouTube (iFrame) YouTube (iFrame)] button in the Visual editor on your Edit Post page.
  3. Paste your video’s URL in the first field of the resulting dialog box.
  4. Under Choose Size, select the 560 x 315 option—anything larger than that is going to give us big problems with the template we’re currently using on
  5. Ensure Choose Type is set to New iFrame Style.
  6. Click [Insert].

Finish writing your post. Preview or publish it to see your video. Hopefully it looks something like this…

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