How do I attach a file to my post?

Probably the easiest way to add a link to a file in your post is to upload the file while creating (or editing) your post right in the editor on the Edit Post (or Add New) post page.

This method works equally well for documents, pdfs, images, music, video—anything you want to load on to our server and create a link to. The only proviso is that the file must be no larger than 2MB.

  1. Type the text you want to use as the link to the file, eg. “Questions for Music Leaders“.
  2. Block to highlight that text.
  3. Click the [ Add Media] button above the editor.
  4. If you’re adding a new file, on the [Upload Files] tab choose [Select Files].
  5. Navigate to the file you want to upload from your own computer, and [Open] it.
  6. Fill in the Attachment Details, if so desired.
  7. Under Attachment Display Settings, choose to link to [Media File].

That’s it! Continue working and publish (or update) your post.

Steps 4 & 5, above, assume you’re uploading a new file.  If you’re simply linking to a file that’s already in the Media Library then find and select the file on the Media Library tab. Continue with Step 6.

Note: One needs to be an Author to be able to access the [ Add Media] button as outlined above.  If you are currently a Contributor and need to be able to upload media for your post, please contact our Moderator to get your role reassigned.

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